Crossword Jam: Fun Brain Game App Reviews

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I find myself playing this game every chance I get! Super !


I play every day and am totally addicted

Cross jam

Like the game but only gives you 20 bonus coins when it’s supposed to be 30. Supposed to get 10 coins for watching a video but sometimes you have to watch 2 or 3 before it gives you your coins

Really like !

I downloaded the app because I would get points for the game I was playing for doing so. Well now I’ve not been back to play the first game because I’ve been intrigued with this new game.

Fun game

Fast, fun, enjoyable!

Crossword Jam

You can always find words that are not usually in these games! It really makes you have to think...and this is good!

New user

Just started, but it’s fun right now!

Not bad at all

Quite enjoyable challenging without being impossible to play unless you spend money

Word jam

I love this game.

Tiny tots

This is an excellent game for the little guys!

Fun to play

I like this game as it entertains me while I’m relaxing at night. Some words I type in and it says not valid but after typing it a few times later it is on the puzzle.


Thank you


I was playing Word Trip it said if I downloaded or jam I would get 100 points I didn’t get the hundred points

So far so good

So far this game is better than the others

Game review

I just started to play the game it’s sort of fun but would rather play a crossword with clues. I read some of the reviews and I won’t pay for clues as I’m disabled and live on a fixed income. I play game for entertainment but if I bought coins for every game I play I wouldn’t eat or buy medicine. When I run out of coins I guess I’ll quite playing.

Crossword jam

It’s fun and fast


I like this game but get frustrated when I try a word & it doesn’t take the word but if I choose hint then it comes out to be the same word I tried earlier. But it’s just a game to pass the time.


Great fun! Lots of challenges but they can be completed. Fun if you like word scrambles and crosswords!

Love it

Very easy and keeps your brain working. Love it


It’s ok

It don’t give you the coins

It says to watch a video for free and get coins but after you watch it no coins


When I downloaded this game, I was under the impression that were going to be competing against other players to guess the most words in a certain amount of time! I found out it is nothing like that but the same as many other word puzzle games! It’s challenging somewhat but totally expecting something else!!!

Crossword jam

I sooo enjoy this game. It stimulates my brain and at my age I need it THANKSchecheroec


Love this game! Very addicting!

All in all I find it very helpful in exercising my brain to be alert.

Thanks to you I am now more conscious.

Patience and Thought Will Help!

This game is challenging after the first few days! Has no “trickery” or schemes to force anyone to buy anything. The option is there for purchasing points but it’s not necessary. In a few months I was able to finish (currently 6840 points) and look forward to next update! Never bought points, just played with patience. Game is excellent!!


Very good game I really like

Word connect

Total fun.


Good so far.

Good knowledge

I love this game. When I can’t sleep I’m up playing this game. It’s addictive.

Bonus option

On my wife’s account she has BONUS option but I don’t!!

Fun fun just love this game,

as well. Love this game fun for kids as well as. Adults. I have improved at Alphabetty, words with friends and my Grammarly reports get better by the day.

Needs better dictionary

Overall, this was a good app. However, I had problems with the dictionary used. There are times when it would tell me some words which I KNEW were real words weren’t words at all, and even times one level would tell me a word I tried to play wasn’t a valid word, when that same word would be featured on another level (“gee” and “sine”, just to name a few). This doesn’t affect the gameplay that much though, and it’s a very addicting game, it was just annoying being told some words weren’t valid when I could open a dictionary and find them easily.

Bring back daily spins!

I thought the daily spins were so cool and they def kept me coming back regularly to this game. Now that you can just watch a bunch of videos to get coins for hints, the game is not challenging anymore. I find myself not playing as much as I used to. I also don’t like that you put the “free coins” button where the shuffle button used to be. So by accident you press it, thinking it’s shuffle and have to sit through an ad. I think that’s dishonest. I don’t like this game as much as I did before these changes. I know people need to make money but the game before felt pure and now it’s like a cash grab or something.


Like the game but wish they wouldn’t use different versions or tenses of the same word in the same level... such as board/boards or smile/smiles. Takes away some of the challenge for me.

Word jam

Great app

Great game!!!

Check out this game!!!

Love it!!!

I’m addicted. They stretch on what words are actual words though.

Fun game

Good learning and usage of free time. I am not a video game person but I have gotten hooked on to this one.

Fun in the beginning

Only thing missing is that you can’t watch videos to get letters when you are down to 5% completion. I agree that whenever you get down to 1.52% you think you’re losing your mind because until you use coins or spins it will tell you it is not a word in the puzzle.


Fun Game

Good in the beginning

I finished this game from start to finish. There's times when you input a word and it'll say the word isn't in there just so you use coins or a spin. Then I would put in the same word AFTER using my coins and the word would be in there. Once you get to the upper levels you don't get as much coins (I get it because of a challenge) but at least I would have liked to get better spins. Then they charge you more for a hint as the levels go up. I started to see glitches but I kept the game until I finished it through. Like I said before I liked the game in the beginning towards the end I was ready to uninstall. Not many coins. It sikes you into purchasing coins and you get bull spins and they charge you more coins per hint smh.

Head scratcher🤔💭

♣️Jan. 27, 2018 ⭐️ 5 Head scratcher 🤔💭🎓, but fun💃🏻🕺🏻🕴🏼!

Fun but not very challenging

I enjoy playing this game to pass time, but although I am pretty high in the levels I find that the word difficulty does not increase. The player supposedly travels from one country to another but again, the words don’t have anything to do with that particular country. Again a pleasant pastime at the end of the day but doesn’t really challenge me.

Wish I could turn off animations



Great word game.


This game is very fun to play !!

Word Jam Review from Colleen Judge

I enjoy playing this game because it is fun. Some times it is challenging that I need helpful hints. It is also a game that gives me something to do and gets my brain going.


This game is more challenging than others. Just when you think you’re the best, it puts you down a notch. Luv it. JR

Fun way to pass the time :)

Fun way to stretch your vocabulary ND pass the time.

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